All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

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That’s the word that comes to mind when I look back on 2019.

Maybe it was our summer celebration of the 15th anniversary of Circle Creek Conservation Center, and how that acquisition triggered NCLC’s transformation from a little organization with high hopes but modest means into the bold, confident, big-picture organization we’ve become. Maybe it’s my recent obsession with butterflies and their metamorphosis.

Likely it’s both of those things—and one more.

Years in the making, we are now in the final 18 months of a truly transformative project: a five-year effort to raise $10 million to conserve 3,500 acres of coastal-fronting mountains as the Rainforest Reserve.

And it’s not just NCLC that will be transformed by this project. The Rainforest Reserve will help transform Oregon’s North Coast into a more sustainable community, a place where we are meeting the global challenge of climate change with meaningful local actions.

We’re on a roll: we’ve even transformed our annual report this year! We’re saving resources by sending out a smaller print report and using digital media to share highlights of 2019—another big year of growth at NCLC, thanks to your support.

We’re honored and humbled by your confidence in NCLC and your willingness to help when needed. Our entire community is being transformed by the work we are doing here, together.

Katie Voelke
Executive Director, North Coast Land Conservancy